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Welcome to one of the best collections of computer generated images based on vector automata and cellular automata ever developed! Images created with Expansions: A Stokes Pattern Generator and Color Expansions. Any exceptions noted within the commentary associated with each image.

All images and commentary Copyright 2001, John Stokes. All images may be freely copied, but please provide a link back to this page! Note: This Gallery was originally posted on the web in 1996 and then restored in 2001 with only a few modifications. These images were created back in the days when computers were slow and screen sizes were small!

Go here to see jigsaw puzzles mades from larger Expansions images.


Basic Octagon Vector Automata black & white, 415 by 415, 9K

Structural Details of the Great Pattern color, 610 by 422, 47K

Phenomena Within the Diamond Pattern color, 610 by 422, 47K

Fuzzy and Sharp Rendering of Perfect Pattern color, 415 by 415, 9K

Advanced Rendering of Perfect Pattern color, 503 by 422, 36K


Intricate Details of a Spear Point color, 495 by 597, 33K

Arrangement of Pentagons and Squares black and white, 664 by 664, 32K

Phenomena Within the Fundamental Pattern black and white, 519 by 519, 9K

Fractal Diamond Sequence black and white, 345 by 345, 8K

Cubic Alternations color, 576 by 578, 34K


Protoplasmic Progression black and white, 495 by 495, 24K

One Pattern Invades Another Pattern, Creating a Third Pattern black and white, 289, 449, 17K

Alien Spires Intercept a V Terminator color, 529 by 540, 50K

Central Chaos Spawns Asymmetric Lace Curtains black and white, 430 by 632, 30K

Stalk - A Very Slow Changing Pattern color, 101 by 4096, 37K


Into Infinity with 1/2 of 1/2 of 1/2 of ... black and white, 513 by 658, 15K

Clearing the V Pattern Reveals Another black and white, 511 by 675, 41K

Repeated Clearing Creates Disorder black and white, 314 by 212, 7K

Consequences of Moving an Active Cellular Automata Window black and white, 513 by 285, 11K

Investigation of Cellular Automata End-States black and white, 576 by 720, 37K


Striated Consequences of Messing with the Module Sequence black and white, 507 by 571, 13K

Nudged Venus Pattern Variation black and white, 500 by 616, 29K

Manifestations from the Castles Pattern black and white, 576 by 720, 36K


Vector Tessellation Based on Two Clever Modules black and white, 507 by 571, 13K

Another Vector Tessellation color, 500 by 616, 29K

A Tiled Iteration color, 454 by 454, 10K

Honeycomb Tiling Superimposed on Tiled Iteration color, 610 by 422, 47K

Honeycomb Tiling Superimposed on Imported Logo color, 610 by 422, 47K

Tiling Derived From the Basic Octagon Pattern color, 473 by 577, 66K


Moonlit PatternScape black and white, 504 by 561, 14K

Building a Skyscraper black and white, 532 by 549, 14K

Fractal Maggots and Trumpets of Hell Fire color, 576 by 668, 59K

Winter Forest on Hill black and white, 452 by 240, 14K

Ultimate Coolness: A Pattern Grows In the Code that Grows It color, 457 by 379, 25K


Simple Flowering Rays color, 540 by 289, 11K

Shape Engine Generator black and white, 513 by 285, 27K

Four Ties Pattern color, 598 by 598, 30K

© John S. Stokes III - Inventor, Artist, Puzzle Maker & Webmaster

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