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Alien Spires Intercept a V Terminator

Another pattern within the "just barely" class. It may be hard to image that there could be "suspense" during the growth a pattern, but sometimes there is. In this case heart pounding suspense. This pattern originated at the lower center and grew upwards, with no growth to the immediate left or right. In the lower center interior is a dark tapered area where no growth occurred. At the apex is a reddish braided pattern, exactly the same as the braid near the outer edges of the pattern along the underside. This braid produced a boundary of no-growth, shaped in a V, threatening to confine the pattern to a wide V shaped band of growth. However, two spires of growth developed... they may be seen as vertical structures rising upwards. The mutation which produced these towers imbued them with a very rapid rate of growth. There looked to be a chance that these towers could possibly intercept and terminate the braids which threatened to restrict the pattern to the bands. And yes, just in time the Alien Spires intercepted the braids, and all parties self destructed! Later (not shown) new braids formed again and again, but not joined at the central crease of the pattern. Later still, many Cycles of growth later, a much larger dark tapered cone formed. Would this one generate a joined braid at it's apex? Yes, it did. Would new spires be formed to intercept them? Alas, there were none. So eventually the pattern does part in the center, forming a massive V. The pattern was grown as a black and white pattern and then colored using Color Expansions