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Protoplasmic Progression

This pattern was designed during an investigation into a set of patterns, called "just barely" patterns. "Just barely" patterns contain Modules which have a high collision rate which at times threatens the ongoing progress of a growing pattern. Too many collisions which result in no further growth will stop a pattern. The trick is to develop a mixture of Module branches which almost stops the growth but does not... the pattern "just barely" manages to keep going. Some of these patterns exhibit remarkable properties. This particular pattern started in the lower left and then spawned a massive diagonal column of protoplasmic growth towards the upper right, producing an undulating boundary has it progressed. Within the central core of the growth a nearly straight "life line" of growth may be seen, marking the trail created by the leader stalk of the pattern. The areas to the left and bottom contain portions of the pattern where growth was terminated due to an over abundance of vector collisions.