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Expansions: History: The Fifth Stage: Color

June 14, 2002: The History pages previous to this one have been revived as of today. I never wrote a color section, except to establish this "shell" of a page today.

Here's an image created with Color Expansions:

This is an excerpt from an image created with a pattern consisting of three modules each with four fixed direction branches
The black areas grew from branches with an upwards bias, the color areas from branches with a downward bias

Meanwhile, a Treat courtesy the V Pattern - Hunt through the Gallery for an Explanation of how this image was made.

Color Expansions Version 1.2 (1994-1997)
"The Stokes Pattern Generator"

Interactive Pattern Creation and Pattern Design

Vector Automata Kernel
Color Logic, Cellular Automata, Tiling, Symmetry, Layering, Kinetics

Availability Suspended Indefinitely

Old Pixel Pathways Logo

Color Expansions is mentioned in U.S. Patent #5831633 under "Prior Art".

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Geometric mosaic design services available
Airports. Castles. Churches. Courtyards. Monuments. Mosques. Museums. Palaces. Parks. Temples. Terraces. Theatres.
Will relocate as needed if the project is big and the pay is good.

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