Puzzle 36, 37 - eSight

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Puzzle #36 - eSight
For a larger picture of this puzzle click here.

This is the first puzzle with an image I played a role in composing. The central "Services with the Vision of eSight" was designed for Lucent Technologies by a third party. I was able to obtain the original digital file. The rest of the layout was a collaboration with the customer, copying fonts as closely as I could with what I had available. All of the text is per customer request. I'll have to admit it was hard to get rid of a lingering fear that half way through the puzzle I'd discover I misspelled something.

Two puzzles were ordered (#36 and #37). As a puzzle designer I had to consider the time available to put the puzzles together in a team building exercise, the fact that I've never met anyone who can put puzzles together faster than I can (as of September 16, 2000), the intimidation factor in seeing the initial pile of unusually shaped, mostly white and black unassembled pieces, and the requested number of pieces (150). I decided to cut the puzzle with a wide variety of direct interlocks using somewhat fat edges although I did sneak a couple Indirect Interlocking Edges along the upper right. The image has a thin black border, so there was no possibility of interior trick edges. Three of the corners will be readily located. There is no color line cutting. Can you image how hard this puzzle would be if the red letters were completely color line cut and all of the white pieces were tiny little long round pieces, and the edges had no black trim and all of the edges were indirect interlocking?

I created a fun Concept Piece around the dot over the letter "i" in eSight (see below), and added a few other Concept Pieces, and several deeper spirals. Looking at this picture I see most of my spirals go counter clockwise, although at one is clockwise (below the "h" in "eSight") - something for me to ponder going forward. I added Lucent's ticker symbol (LU) to the puzzle (above the "t" in eSight") and the Lucent "circle" (lower left). My standard Signature Piece is visible in the lower right - the first time I didn't try to hide it as I didn't want to encroach on the "message". Also the puzzle is mostly Open Curl, I added some Swirl Curl features to increase the variety of interior interlocks.

Puzzle #37 has a completely different set of pieces, but the general effect is the same. As of this entry, the website at the address contained within the puzzle is functioning and the logo is visible on the home page.

Some pieces from puzzle #36

I Dot Comet Ball from puzzle #37

As I have recently acquired a good color printer, this may be the last print of this kind I farm out to a service bureau.

Significant milestones

Dates Completed
September 9 & 12, 2000
16 1/2" wide, 12 3/4" high
Cutting Style
Open Curl with a light mixture of Swirl Curl and Concept Pieces
# Pieces
156 & 156
Color Line Cutting
Logo, letters "L" and "U"

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