Puzzles 612, 614, 615 & 616 - K. Chin Mini Puzzles

By Custom Puzzle Craft

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Upper left: Peacock Garden - 96 pieces, Creative style
Upper right: Let's go over to the Monterey Peninsula - 35 pieces, Swirl Curl style
Lower left: The Friendly Otter Family - 35 pieces, Swirl Curl style
Lower right: The Friendly Otters - 35 pieces, Swirl Curl style
All four puzzles measure 5 3/16" x 6 15/16"

During mid year of 2005, time was short as I was focusing on moving due to an apartment to condo conversion. During this time I made very few puzzles, yet I wanted to keep the 100 Puzzles Project moving forward, so I decided to make some K. Chin Mini Puzzles and feature them in the project.

As it happened (from my Journal archives)

March 25, 2005

10:05 am - I have decided that I need to close Custom Puzzle Craft for a while, as I have to focus on moving. For those new to this journal, I am moving because my apartment building has been sold to a speculator who bought the building and on the same day announced to the tenants that the building will be converted to very high priced condos. All tenants were give a six month notice to move out, and there are about four months left. With a lot of associated issues with the move I need to put aside puzzle work, for the most part, until I have completed the move. I will occasionally work on the backlog in the Puzzle Queue and I do intend to continue the 100 Puzzles Project in some fashion.

11:45 pm - Although I announced I cancelled this month's eBay puzzle, I'm having second thoughts as I really want to move the project along. I have one remaining print of Peacock Garden and I've decided that I'm going to re-attempt the puzzle. If cutting is successful, I'll "uncancel" the auction.

I've plastered Notices all over the website about being closed to new orders through July 1.

March 28, 2005

7:33 pm - In a long day of puzzle work I completed #611, a Wedding Reception puzzle; and I mounted and cut #612, Peacock Garden, the March eBay puzzle. The Wedding Reception puzzle is excellent, I'll have the final piece count tomorrow as well as a picture if I get permission to post it. I'll ship the puzzle tomorrow. Peacock Garden is OK. I cut this very small puzzle in Creative style, but due to the fairly small pieces, the Creative style is restrained. The print's paper was somewhat problematic and I had to fix some intra-layer paper separations. Tomorrow I'll carefully inspect the puzzle. I will go ahead and auction the puzzle, starting tomorrow or Wednesday. I will discuss any problems with the puzzle in the auction. I'll have final piece count, update the Auction section, and have a picture tomorrow.

11:35 pm - Final piece count for Peacock Garden: 96.

March 29, 2005

4:38 pm - Inspected Peacock Garden; puzzle OK, will launch auction tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.

April 27, 2005

5:24 pm - Puzzle #614, Let's go over to the Monterey Peninsula, is completed. I was going to cut the puzzle in Creative, but decided that since I'm going to mention the puzzle as a "Children's puzzle", I cut it in Swirl Curl. The next two puzzles in this series will also be cut in Swirl Curl. The puzzle has 35 pieces.

April 28, 2005

3:36 pm - Due to a freakishly heavy rain squall this morning, the Mixed Media roofing repairs were postponed to next Thursday. With the day freed up, I cut the May and June eBay puzzles: #615, The Friendly Otter Family and #616, The Friendly Otters, completing the trilogy of small K. Chin sea creatures puzzles. Cutting went well, and I liked looking at the expressions on the sea otters while cutting the puzzles; K. Chin really was a good artist! Nice to be way ahead in puzzle cutting regarding the 100 Puzzles Project. All three puzzles have 35 pieces, Swirl Curl. I'll launch the auction for Let's go over to the Monterey Peninsula late tomorrow afternoon.

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