Puzzle 649 - Pedernales River Fellowship

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Pedernales River Fellowship
Puzzle is 40" wide by 30" high, consisting of two 20" x 30" panels, precisely aligned

Interior panel edges

As it happened (from my Journal archives)

January 24, 2006

Tuesday 5:31 pm - Today I started work on the church fund raiser puzzles, both images printed (each 20" by 30"), boards prepared, and one of the boards is currently in my largest mounting press. Later tonight I'll mount the second puzzle. Tomorrow I'll design the grid layouts and start cutting. Cutting will be delayed due to a dentist appointment in the morning.

January 25, 2006

Wednesday 8:17 pm - I've decided to count the two church campaign puzzles as a single puzzle after all, as the cutting lines from one panel will continue into the other panel even though there will be a straight line dividing the two panels. I've renumbered the puzzles in the queue accordingly. This morning I mounted the second board (was going to do it last night). Both mounts were successful. This afternoon I cut the left panel with 63 grid style pieces. Tomorrow I'll cut the right panel.

I have received my first ever order to make a replacement piece. This will be for a wedding reception puzzle I made last year; a piece was lost on the day of the reception.

January 26, 2006

Thursday 9:08 pm - The massive church building campaign puzzle is done, 40" x 30", 126 grid pieces, consisting of two panels. The images in the panels line up excellently.

Tomorrow I'll pack and ship the puzzle and have a photo here. I'm going to take the weekend off and then resume work on the backlog.

January 27, 2006

Friday 6:18 pm - Puzzle #649 shipped.

The puzzle consists of two 20" by 30" panels. I had to cut the edges of the puzzle with a scroll saw as straight as possible so no imagery along the common boundary would be lost while making sure the edges would line up nicely. If you look extremely carefully at the puzzle's picture [above], part of the vertical line separating the two halves is visible going through the dark part of the parking lot, upper center. Not that it really matters, but I designed the grid so the cutting line flowed from one panel to another, even though they were cut on separate days.

Pedernales River Fellowship
Customer provided
Date Completed
January 27, 2006
40" x 30"
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Color Line Cutting

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