Puzzle 723 - Poker Playing Dogs - Gotta Go!

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Puzzle 723 - Poker Playing Dogs - Gotta Go!
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Puzzle 723 - Figurals

As it happened (from my Journal archives)

May 17, 2007

Thursday 10:58 pm - I have decided that this month's eBay puzzle will be a K. Chin print from the "Poker Playing Dogs" series. There are four prints in this series and I currently have one duplicate which will be used for the puzzle. Will be about 12" x 9", cut in Long Round style with 300-350 pieces. I expect to have the puzzle made within about a week.

May 20, 2007

Sunday 1:45 pm - Mounted the Poker Playing Dogs #1 print for #723, the eBay puzzle; designed the proposal text, printed and mounted the image for #724, a Marriage Proposal puzzle. Although I've put off cutting tomorrow, I expect to get both puzzles done by Tuesday afternoon.

May 21, 2007

Monday 5:44 pm - In an highly focused marathon I completed #723 - Poker Playing Dogs - Gotta Go! (my title). I figure the Hound Dog is leaving because the dog sitting to the right is holding a cheat card under its left forearm. The puzzle has a bit more than 300 pieces, including four figurals: an almost "mandatory" Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club set of figurals. I'll have pictures soon; the auction will be launched later this week.

May 24, 2007

Thursday 5:42 pm - I have decided to launch this month's auction tonight, after I return from a class, will be around 8:30pm, Pacific Time. There's a picture on the Home page now, will update the 100 Puzzles Project section later. I want tomorrow focused on moving.

I'm finally beginning to get underway with moving! Just a few things moved today, but more tomorrow. Turned down one short term puzzle, another one possible after June 1.

Thursday 9:06 pm - Auction launched. Final piece count 319 including four figurals.

From the auction description:

This puzzle features a print from the Poker Playing Dogs series by the late K. Chin, an artist I frequently feature in the Project. The name "Poker Playing Dogs - Gotta Go!" is my name, the print did not have a name. The "Gotta Go!" refers to the hound leaving the scene, presumably after seeing the one partner with a hidden card.

There are three other "Poker Playing Dogs" prints in the series and if I can obtain them in good conidtion I may include one or more in this project.
This puzzle was cut in my Long Curl cutting style and includes my standard signature piece (signed, dated and numbered on the back) and a second piece (one of the figurals) marked on the back indicating the puzzle belongs to the 100 Puzzles Project.

Poker Playing Dogs - Gotta Go!
K. Chin
Date Completed
May 21, 2007
12" x 9"
Cutting Style
# Pieces
Color Line Cutting
Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club

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