Puzzle 813 - Triangles to Infinity

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Puzzle 813 - Triangles to Infinity
Exactly 300 pieces!


As it happened (from my Journal archives)

October 31, 2008

Friday 7:29 pm - I have decided to move up the cutting for #813, Triangles to Infinity, my annual Geometric Pattern Puzzle to be auctioned in December on eBay. I'm going to push back my usual weekend chores and cut the puzzle tomorrow, I expect to complete the puzzle in one day.

November 1, 2008

Saturday 7:35 pm - Today in a full day of work I cut Puzzle #813, Triangles to Infinity. Cutting went well. The puzzle is at the shop as I still have to sand the back. Will have final piece count tomorrow. The puzzle measures about 13 3/4" by 6 7/8" and should have very close to 300 pieces, cut in my Long Round small size, by far the smallest piece count for one of my annual pattern puzzles. The puzzle has the Fractagon figural, a requirement for full size Geometric Pattern Puzzles.

One reason I made this puzzle smaller than other full sized Geometric Pattern puzzles is that the image is so difficult! To ease "the burden" I made the edge pieces 100% interlocking and avoided subtle tricks that would have made the interior more difficult than it is. This puzzle will be posted on eBay in early December. I plan to bring the puzzle to the Puzzle Parley so potential bidders may have an in person preview of the puzzle!

November 2, 2008

Sunday 4:49 pm - Final piece count for #813, Triangles to Infinity, exactly 300.

December 14, 2008

Sunday 5:59 pm - Today I printed, mounted and cut #820, currently untitled, the Marriage Proposal puzzle which was requested by the customer as early as February 2007 before finally committing to an order yesterday. The Appleply cut extremely well, not the slightest sign of a chipout on the back. The puzzle is about as fine a puzzle I've cut in this genre. One problem I noted with Appleply is that the moisture associated with the gluing process causes the glue side to expand slightly introducing some warping. I've seen this with other woods but not as pronounced. When the glue fully dries, the wood reverts to normal. I dampened the back side to speed along the process, then sanded it to restore the smoothness. The puzzle is fine, will ship it tomorrow (along with the auction puzzle, Triangles to Infinity). I will have a detailed picture of the back side to show how the wood cut. The puzzle is 12" x 9" with about 75 pieces.

From the auction description:

The 100 Puzzles Project now completes its ninth year! With a break during August, I held auctions in 11 of the 12 months of 2008. With 16 puzzles to go within the project, the project should end around the middle of 2010. As the project reaches #90, some of the puzzles are going to become quite elaborate.

As it is December, I continue the tradition of offering one of my Geometric Pattern Puzzles within the project - the ninth one to be introduced. This is my first "black and white" puzzle and is the smallest Geometric Pattern Puzzle to be introduced. After creating the basic structure in a pattern generating program I wrote quite a few years ago, I did some "manual" work on the computer with my own software to come up with the final image. So this puzzle was cut by me and features my own original artwork.

Like other puzzles in my Geometric Pattern Puzzles series, this puzzle is a difficult puzzle to assemble, but not nearly to the extreme extent as some of the earlier ones. The edges are 100% interlocking so this will help.

This puzzle was cut in my Long Round cutting style with small pieces, exactly 300, and includes my standard signature piece (signed, dated and numbered on the back) and a second piece (the Fractagon) marked on the back indicating the puzzle belongs to the 100 Puzzles Project.

The digital image, which I created using my own pattern generation software, was projected onto archival photographic film, via an amazing state of the art LightJet 430 printer. See LightJet. The actual image is larger and sharper than shown here.

Fractagon figural
The Fractagon appears in my full sized Geometric Puzzles and no others

Triangles to Infinity
John S. Stokes III
Date Completed
November 1, 2008
13.75" x 6.875"
Cutting Style
# Pieces
Color Line Cutting

© John S. Stokes III - Puzzle Crafter & Webmaster

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