Puzzle 17 - Queen Victoria Mall, Sydney

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Puzzle #17 - Queen Victoria Mall, Sydney - photo copyright Michael Seewald, 2000

I purchased this photographic print from internationally recognized photographer, Michael Seewald

Michael writes: "Having surveyed most of downtown Sydney and checking out the famous opera house from every angle for two days, I was pleasantly surprised to find this little gem of a spot known as the 'Queen Victoria Mall'. I was also amazed that security wasn't called as I ended up working the area for about two hours, tripod and all, getting three very nice compositions, of which this is one."

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Significant milestones


As it happened (from my Journal archives)

April 1, 2000

Late - I started on Saturday April 1.... a massive 8+ hour cutting marathon, only 60% done, if that... and that doesn't include the post cut sanding and piece by piece inspection and cleanup as needed. It's going to be a cool puzzle... there is lot of line cutting, making putting it together via the "edges first" method rather futile. I'm tempted not to post the picture on the web, make it a mystery... but I'll post it, anyway, when I'm done... it is a very interesting photograph, exposed for a few seconds, shot into an open section of a Sydney Australia shopping center, with three floors of shops visible at once, many perspective lines, angles, subtle colors and things going on. I purchased the photographic print from Michael Seewald, an internationally recognized photographer. I'm cutting this in the "long round" style.... many times I was tempted to break out into a nice swirl, curl, but have held back... maybe I'll sneak one in as a secondary signature. The pieces in this puzzle are smaller / thinner than in previous puzzles. I'm already well past 200 pieces, should hit at least 400. The puzzle will be about 14" x 11"....

April 2, 2000

Midday - This is going to be a DIFFICULT puzzle to put together... I stayed up very late last night, took more that 2 hours!!! to put the partially completed puzzle together.... a much cooler cut than #13!!!. There are a couple of minor cutting errors, but they do not detract from the puzzle. Off to cutting again... hopefully I'll make it through to the end without major problems.

Late - (Text missing). Another cutting marathon, cutting finished, puzzle disassembled for cleanup.

April 3, 2000

Evening - Puzzle's now finished and assembled. It is BY FAR MY BEST puzzle to date, despite a few minor flaws. Cleaned and inspected every piece, 496 total, yesterday's count was a bit off. Puzzle measures 13 13/16 by 11 1/16, so pieces are on the small side. The puzzle is challenging and I think I did a very crafty job of line cutting, the puzzle does not reveal its secrets until the end. I've put together hundreds puzzles in my life and I'd rank this one in the top 10 (but then I must admit I have yet to assemble a PAR Puzzle, considered the best). It took me 3 hours and 3 minutes to put together, I included the time to turn over the pieces. Although there is a lot of line cutting, strategic interlocks keep the puzzle together without spoiling the suspense. Even knowing what the picture was, I forgot some of the details, there were many "ah ha's" as the puzzle went together, the first time I've experienced this with my puzzles. I'll post a picture tomorrow when there is outdoor light for a decent photo. Anyone read this? When I post the puzzle tomorrow, I'll include a critique. Will end up in my permanent collection instead of going for trade.

Queen Victoria Mall, Sydney
Michael Seewald
Date Made
April 3, 2000
11 1/16" wide by 13 13/16" high
Cutting Style
Long Round
# Pieces
Color Line Cutting

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