Puzzle 18 - Ghost of Florence

By Custom Puzzle Craft

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Puzzle #18 - Ghost of Florence
Photo copyright Michael Seewald, 2000

I purchased this photographic print from internationally recognized photographer, Michael Seewald

Michael writes: "Titled 'Ghost of Florence," this is one of two excellent images created over a three-day period in Florence. After setting up the composition, I waited for a person to walk through the scene. With a three-second exposure, the ghost image was formed. Although this image took first in the Museum of Photographic Arts Annual Photo Competition in 1991, it was passed over by my sponsors."

Significant milestones


Puzzle #18 - Some Pieces

As it happened (from my Journal archives)

April 5, 2000

Evening - I started #18 today, worked about 5 hours. I'm working on refining the "Swirls Curl" style, see a discussion about this style that I added today within the Puzzle 16 page. So far I have not made any mistakes - I'm about half way through. My production rate has slowed as I've been taking time to better resolve interlock integrity challenges as they arise during cutting, and assemble the work in progress to review for cutting style consistency. I'm also trying to get the piece count per unit area up a bit for the curls and swirls style, as this style tends to produce larger pieces. I am making some progress... this puzzle should come in at around 250 pieces with one large VERY SPECIAL PIECE which is cut from the subject matter. This puzzle is another Michael Seewald photograph (Puzzle 17 was the other one)... a very nice picture of a scene in Florence Italy. I plan to finish tomorrow, and have a puzzle photo up either tomorrow or Friday

4/6/00 - evening - I finish cutting #18 today - no major errors! in fact no minor ones, came out very well. I was tempted to make this one a "keeper" but I've decided that I'll sell it on eBay anyway - Will go on sale April 14, 2000. #18 ranks as one of my best, in my opinion. I achieved my goal of creating a Swirl Curl cut with a much better overall presentation than #16. I'll have a Puzzle 18 page with picture on the web by midday tomorrow.

Ghost of Florence
Michael Seewald
Date Made
April 6, 2000
13 11/16" wide by 10 7/16" high
Cutting Style
Swirl Curl
# Pieces
Color Line Cutting
Portrait only
Treat Piece
The Portrait

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