Puzzle 404 - World After War

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Puzzle #404 - World After War
Limited Edition of One

Puzzle #404 - Figurals and some Whirlies

As it happened (from my Journal archives)

February 19, 2003

12:15 pm - Spent about three hours researching and designing figurals for World After War. Probably tripped a few alarms reading about atomic and hydrogen bombs, stealth technology fighters, destroyers, aircraft carriers, phased array radars, assault rifles, MIG fighters, tanks, Phalanx-Vulcan weaponry, JDAM weapons and other smart bombs, and more, and I barely scratched the surface - there is an astonishing amount of effort by countries all over the world to design and constantly improve an incredible range of truly awesome weapons, detection and countermeasures! Anyway, I've decided that I'll have about eight figurals in this puzzle, will start cutting soon.

9:03 pm - Today turned out to be a long day of work. The cutting of World After War went very slowly - the computer paper I use requires extra careful handling when cutting moderately dense Creative style pieces. The puzzle is about 75% done, no pictures - puzzle is in the shop. I think the painting and war figurals make for a somewhat depressing puzzle, although there are some nice Whirlies in it. I will go ahead and place it on eBay this Friday. Should be 180-200 pieces in the puzzle. I'll finish the puzzle tomorrow morning and cut the board for the wedding reception puzzle, as I didn't get to it today.

February 20, 2003

5:11 pm - I completed #404, the "dark" puzzle, World After War. Preliminary count 217 pieces. The puzzle has about a high a density of Whirlies as I've cut in any Creative style puzzle, I think. The idea of the puzzle is my over all concern for the environment, with reference to war's occasional toll on the environment. The artist, Nick Applebee, painted his interpretation of how nature can be revulsed by war, and when I saw the painting, it strongly struck me as something I wanted to do. I chose weaponry as the theme for the puzzle's figurals, and though the weapon shapes reflect those of the U.S.A., mostly, and some from the former U.S.S.R., the theme is meant to be universal in nature.

This puzzle is the 26th puzzle of the 100 Puzzles Project and will be posted on eBay late tomorrow afternoon, PST. I have decided that this puzzle will be a limited edition of one, no orders will be accepted for World After War.

I've since learned that the artist, Nick Applebee, wrote a poem about his painting, I present it here, as is:

What kind of world will we have to live in

Will the insects rise up
and be filled
with a pus
made by our actions
lacking wisdom and ignoble
spewing back on our scorched earth
the fruits of our hallucinations
about what makes a world go forward

A place where the birds
are but ghosts looking for
a green earth
that is gone

Where lakes, rivers and seas
are converted to dynamos
of industrial slime and nuclear waste

Where mountains and hills
take the forms of ferocious things
as if to compete and make boundaries to protect

With the skies burdened with sorrow
and weeping a chill that prevails
in this world with so little light

Perhaps castles will be made
but no one
will be here

Edit: The month after this puzzle was auctioned, "Shock and Awe" happened in Iraq and another long costly war was underway.

World After War
Nick Applebee
Date Completed
February 20, 2003
12" x 7 5/32"
Cutting Style
# Pieces
Color Line Cutting
Eight Weapons

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