Puzzle 870 - The Attractor

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Puzzle 870 - The Attractor

This puzzle is a repeat of one I cut in November 2001, puzzle #163. I'm posting this second iteration I like to have a record of how far my Creative style (in the black areas) as come along in a 10+ year interval - also and more importantly, the #163 picture has much less detail. Like the first puzzle, the interior was cut in Long Round and is quite difficult to assemble. The Creative style exterior is much easier to assemble!

As it happened (from my Journal archives)

April 7, 2012

Saturday 6:32 PM - Another day of substantial work. I completed #869, Mini - Cubic Alternations, repaired the voids encountered yesterday in this puzzle (eight pieces affected, took a while), then began work on #870, The Attractor cutting about 59 pieces. I've backed down the projected piece count for #870 from 450 to 400, not sure how I did 464 pieces in the first one cut in 2001, my Creative style must have had smaller pieces back then or I cut the center with very tiny Long Round pieces. Even 400 pieces may be too high, may be more like 350. Cutting for #870 was stalled as I needed to apply more coats of fixative and acrylic to make sure the extensive black areas were well protected from handling. I also backed down the piece count for #871, Pentagons and Triangles from 550 to 500, as I've decided this one will be cut in Swirl Curl instead of Long Round. All four of these geometric puzzles are going to be very hard to assemble.

In the first version of The Attractor I placed my Signature Piece and my Fractagon figural within the black area; for this puzzle I've decided to place both within the interior. This will permit the black areas to be fully cut in my Creative style and slightly lessen the difficulty of the interior section.

I plan to do some more cutting tomorrow.

#870, The Attractor (top) current progress, Cubic Alternations and Squares and Triangles with Gray.

April 8, 2012

Sunday 3:48 PM - I was at the shop for about five hours today and made good progress on #870, The Attractor. The interior section is done, and I cut one of the four black corners in Creative style, including one small egg piece. Cutting is going well. I expect to complete the puzzle tomorrow. 400 pieces now looks doable.

#870, The Attractor, current progress upper left outer area April 8, 2012.
Back not sanded, front not cleaned of fine dust

April 9, 2012

Monday 10:49 PM - In a very long day of various tasks, including two trips to the shop totalling about seven hours, I completed #870, The Attractor. I then sanded and vacuumed it and the two other puzzles made previously. I'll have pictures soon. Tomorrow I start cutting the fourth and last puzzle I be making to sell at the 2012 Puzzle Parley #871, Pentagons and Triangles. This weekend I'll be traveling to Philadelphia to see family. Next week, at long last, I'll resume work on customer puzzles!

The Attractor
John S. Stokes III
Date Completed
April 9, 2012 and
12 1/2" by 12 1/2"
Cutting Style
# Pieces
Color Line Cutting

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