San Diego Weather - Average Annual Temperature

Environment - Annual Average Temperature (from NOAA)
John S. Stokes III

San Diego average temperature by year in Fahrenheit: 1852 through 2018
Information obtained from various sources including the National Weather Service
This chart is updated annually in early January


The overall presentation shows increasing temperatures.

January 1, 2019 note:

The streak of annual average temperatures above 66 degrees Fahrenheit continued with a record fifth year in a row in 2018. One month set a new record high average temperature, August with 78.1 degrees. January came up .2 degrees shy of its record of 61.7 at 61.5 degrees.

January 1, 2018 note:

Since 2014, when the warmest year (average 67.54 degrees Fahrenheit) was recorded in San Diego since records began in 1852, we've had three consecutive years with the annual average temperature above 66 degrees. This is impressive because 66 degrees was reached just three times in the prior 162 years! So four of the seven years with the average temperature above 66 degrees during the 166 year history belong to a current streak!